Unless you have a huge hole clean through your windshield, you may get away with repairing your windshield rather than replacing. There are a number of instances where you don’t have to buy a new windshield. To find out whether your windshield is repairable, you’d have to ask yourself a few questions that a competent Chandler auto window repair technician would ask in this situation.

Where Is The Damage?

Sometimes it is not a matter of whether or not your windshield can be repaired and more a matter of if you should repair it. Even the best repairs can leave some blemishes on the windshield including unevenness, mistiness or discoloration. These blemishes are rarely an issue unless they appear in your direct line of site. If the damage is over the steering wheel, and within your line of vision, it is advisable to simply replace it. Similarly, damage such as cracks or chips at the edge of the windshield have likely compromised the structural integrity of the windshield and should be replaced.

What Type of Damage?

Cracks aren’t all the same. Some industry jargon and a few words of explanation may help to demystify the kind of crack you have;

Ding: a single crack that is less than or the size of a quarter

Bulls-eye: a neat circular impression left by the object, usually of the same shape as the damage.

Star Break: lightening-like cracks spreading from the point of impact.

Pit: damage where only a small piece of glass is missing

Partial Bulls-Eye: is the same as the bulls-eye except the damage does not match the shape of the object that caused it.

Generally speaking, these kinds of damage can be fixed with a quick, simple and inexpensive procedure. Keep in mind that the chandler auto tech has the final say on whether or not the damage can be fixed. If you are unsure about the diagnosis, feel free to get a second opinion. Multiple cracks on the windshield are rarely repairable and you most likely need a new windshield.

How big or deep is The Damage?

Cracks that are less than three inches long, and chips less than one inch wide are typically repairable. Again, the window technician has a final say but as a rule of thumb, if the crack or damage is bigger than a dollar bill, you might need a new windshield.

Advancement in Chandler windshield repair technology however means that longer cracks and bigger chips are now repairable. Again, the window repair technician has the final say to this effect.


Not all windshield damage means that you have to get a new windshield. A good chandler auto tech can quickly assess the damage and let you know whether a repair will suffice. It may be necessary to get a second opinion in case you don’t trust your technician’s judgement.

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